9753034740 Cut-out pressure:8.1 bar unlaoder valve Custom

9753034740 Cut-out pressure:8.1 bar unlaoder valve

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  • How does compressor unloader valve work?
    While the air compressor is running, the pilot remains closed until the pressure reaches the unload setting. When that happens, the pilot opens and pressurizes the unloader valve, causing the unloader valve to open and excess air from the compressor to vent to atmosphere.

    Technical Specification:

    OE specification

    Cut-out pressure:

    8.1 bar

    Max. operating pressure:

    25.0 bar


    2x Ø 8.8 mm

    Opening pressure:

    12.0 bar

    Operational range:

    0.6+0.4 bar

    Port Thread 1-2:

    M16 x 1.5

    Port thread 1:

    M22 x 1.5

    Port thread 21:

    M22 x 1.5

    Port thread 22:

    M12 x 1.5

    Port thread 3:

    Union Ø 20 mm

    Port thread 4:

    M12 x 1.5

    Port threads:

    M22 x 1.5

    Temperature range:

    -40°C to +80°C


    Without one way valve


    With tire inflating valve

    Calculated Volume (dm³):


    Size (mm x mm x mm):

    172 x 108 x 91

    Weight (kg):


    Weight (lb):



     For Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Meritor, Kenworth , Irisbus, Man,Scania

Zhuji Oubote Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Zhuji Oubote Auto Parts Co., Ltd. as China Custom 9753034740 Cut-out pressure:8.1 bar unlaoder valve Suppliers,Our factory specializes in manufacture of air brake parts for commercial vehicles, semi trailers and heavy vehicles. Its main products are: foot brake valve, unload valve, trailer valve, hand brake Valve,load sensing valve, leveling valve, relay valve, air dryer, clutch servo and so on. Some products are matched with large domestic automobile manufacturers and exported to Southeast Asia, America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.
Q. Where are your goods mainly exported?
Our products are mainly exported to Egypt, Nigeria, the United States, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Russia, Auckland, Algeria and dozens of other countries and regions.
Q. How to deliver goods to customers?
According to Customers requirement. Any shipment is available from us.
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